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Our California based team is comprised of a wide range of IT professionals and certified technicians who can help solve any problem and keep your business running smoothly and securely.
We help scale our client's businesses with our SoLoMo platform, Keep your online listing synchronized, automate your social media marketing, manage your reviews and engage with customers.

Fully Inclusive
User Support

No matter if your having trouble with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Mapped Drive Issues, Can't Print, we are there to help you. Your problems are OUR problems. Our highly trained and certified technicians give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business, and not your equipment. We consider ourselves to be your In House support team.

Help with any and all issues

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Reliable, Trustworthy, and HIPPA Compliant.

Complete Protection
Against Malware

Solve the problem of malware on both Windows endpoints and mobile devices. Using a multi-layered, modular approach that combines intelligence, dynamic analysis and a patented-pending automatic container to provide complete protection against malware and providing you with a true Default-Deny security posture without usability issues.

Automatic Containment


Host Intrusion Prevention

Valkyrie Cloud Based File Analysis Platform

SoLoMo Web Command Center

Manage your Business Listings across 100+ Listing Sites

Manage your business reputation on the major social networks from one location.

Get discounts on web services vital to your business.

Web & E-Commerce Development

Following our Key Principles, we develop web projects that are designed to reach your target audience and convert browsers into buyers.

Our projects result in empowered teams, satisfication and increased profitability for our clients.

Ongoing Consulting Services to ensure that you are reaching your taregts and getting the maximum return on investment possible.

  • They many times had to step in and resolve issues with integrated shipping systems by working with IT engineers from, FedEx, OzLink, USPS, SAP, and in house software developers. They trained employees across multiple departments on network operations including login procedures, network management software, permissions, printing issues, security, and use of software.

    Dave Aldape
    Aldape Industries
  • Locutis helped us not only with our website, but put us in touch with the right people to make sure our business was successful. Their ongoing consulting helps us stay focused while making sure we use the technology we have to its maximum potential.

    Ronald Blair
    Action Lawn Services
  • When we decided to open our photo studio, we trusted Locutis and were very happy with the results. They made everything make sense so we could focus on our photography.

    Benjamin Schilter
    Schilter Photography
  • When our Non-Profit needed an affordable solution, Josh and his team were there for us, and a price we could afford. Where would we be without them?

    Ka Yang
    Mended Little Hearts - Sacramento
  • Josh and his team have helped me with many business ventures. He's the guy I trust when we setup a new store front to make sure all our equipment works, and our vendors are on the same page.

    Marlena Buskh
    Lemara Commercial
  • The team at Locutis helped us to get our listings synced across the web, now we are seeing more local traffic then ever before. We now believe in the power of Local Search.

    Goya Reynoso
    CBCALCI Santa Rosa
  • Whenever a workstation goes down in our warehouse it causes issues. Since we brought Locutis on board, our issues have become minimal. The team meets with us often to make sure we are getting the most out of our technology.

    Gregg McCree
    Elcon Electronic Conversions
  • Such a quick turn-around! and the results were spectacular. Locutis helped us launch our new website in time to meet our holiday marketing deadline. Thanks to Josh were ready for the Holiday Season!

    Steve Gibanov
    American River Provisions
  • I had worked with two web developers in the past, and none of them were able to realize my vision in the way Locutis was able to. I can't express my gratitude.

    Labeebah Raman
    Rahman Royal LLC.
  • The website they developed made my business look instantly professional, and with the SoLoMo tools I have been able to spread my brand awareness.

    Shantell Hutchinson
    Black Nurture LLC
  • We launched our cleaning service with the help of Locutis IT. It was the best decision we could have made. They helped with our website, our social media, and even support our workstations and mobile devices!

    Yumara Jimenez
    Yumara Cleaning Co
  • Josh and the team are detail oriented, logical thinking, and hard working. They always go above and beyond to make sure we meet our goals.

    Kylie Santee
    KidoVision Eye Centers
  • From the front office, to the networking equipment, and don't forget our printers, Locutis keeps our technology "assimilated"!

    Lucius Williamson, Jr.
    Williamson Financial Solutions
  • Josh and his Team are always there when I need them to fix these darned computers, and get be back to work quickly.

    Connie Bosserman
    Bosserman Insurance Services

IT Consultation

We are a small team with of a wide range of Certified IT professionals who help solve all problems and keep your business running securely and in tip-top shape.

24/7 Remote Helpdesk Support

Our Engineers can help you with almost any issue, remotely. We hop on your workstation with you to resolve the issue in no time flat. We also offer after hours support should your business need it.

Security Camera Management

Ensure your security cameras are providing the protection you paid for. Our experts can install and manage your systems for you. We specialize in Unifi devices, but have experience with other's as well.

Network & Workstation Security

Managing your network and the devices on it, to make sure that everything is running effeciently and securely.


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